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Debbie's Dog House - A Dog Grooming Salon Serving Bournemouth & Poole


About Bournemouth Salon
Bournemouth Poole Premises

The Dog House is situated on the border of Bournemouth and Poole in an idyllic setting, overlooking the grounds of the Knighton Heath Golf Club.

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The salon benefits from state of the art grooming equipment and stocks a wide selection of quality grooming products so I can really pamper your pet.

salon certificate

Your pet will be groomed to a high standard by me (Debbie) as I am experienced and highly qualified, having gained a Distinction with City & Guilds.

bournemouth and poole first aid

I am also fully trained in Micro-Chipping and Dog First Aid, giving you the assurance that your beloved pet is safe in my capable hands.

Pebbles and Beau

Pebbles & Beau

These are my dogs Pebbles and Beau, they are both 5 years old, girl and boy and live happily with our rescued kitten Blue.

They are Lowchen's (Little Lion Dog) - a rare Toy breed that have a one-layer silk coat that they do not shed or malt.  They need regular grooming to keep them looking cute and respectable!

Pawesome Facts Dog paw

The Kennel Club think that the Lowchen breed hails from France, but the name 'Lowchen' is actually identified as being German in origin.

The American seventies detective TV series 'Hart to Hart' featured a very clever little Lowchen named Freeway.


poole salon services

A full dog grooming includes all of the following services...

  • Assessment of skin and coat.
  • Brush to remove any tangles.
  • Bath with a special K9 shampoo.
  • Drying fully by hand.
  • Clipping of fur as needed.
  • Trimming of nails and dewclaw.
  • Plucking the ears.
  • Cologne to finish things off!

The shampoo chosen to treat your pet is selected based on the assessment of their skin and coat and includes an appropriate conditioner.

The bath has been especially designed for your dogs comfort and safety, whether they are large or small, I can cater for their needs.

A collection and drop-off service is also available by request if you are local to the Bournemouth or Poole areas.

NEW Services!

Dog Boarding

I now board small to medium dogs in my home - they are treated as one of my own.

Fully insured and licensed by Poole Borough Council!

Leave your pet with someone you can trust who'll treat them well while on holiday.

Treat your pet today!  You can make an appointment with me by phone, email or text.



My affordable grooming prices are based on the size of your dog.  Please get in touch as all breeds and sizes are welcome at Debbie's!

I take all major card payments! Including Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, V Pay, American Express, as well as WiFi Android and Apple contactless.

Toy Breeds


Lowchen, Pekenese, Bichon Frese, Cavalier King Charle Spaniel, Lhasa Apso, Pugs and Toy Poodles.

Medium Breeds


Cocker Spaniel, Clumber and Springer Spaniels.

Large Breeds


Labradors as well as Irish or English Setters.

Very Large Breeds


Alaskan Malamute, Pyrenean Mountain Dog and Old English Sheep Dog.

Smooth Coated Dogs

Such as...

Pugs and Dogue De Bordeaux.

Terms & Conditions

The Dog House Health Policy

Please make sure you read and accept my terms and conditions before bringing your pet to be groomed.  The terms set out here are intended to help protect the wellbeing of all the dogs attending The Dog House.


All dogs should be on a regular anti-flea regime.  Any dog that I find has fleas will be treated with a suitable flea shampoo.


It is advisable that all dogs are vaccinated and given a booster each year.  As such if a dog is brought to the salon that has not been vaccinated it is at the owners risk and The Dog House can't be held responsible.

Matted Fur

Upon consultation you may be advised that a coat needs clipping as it may be too matted to groom.  I am a qualified and humane dog groomer and will not distress a dog with hours of de-matting.  If a dog suffers from bad matting then it would be advisable to book regular appointments to remove the need for future clipping and for the comfort of the dog.


I reserve the right to refuse to groom any dog that is clearly unwell on arrival.


If your dog suffers from a skin allergy, I advise you to provide me with a vet prescribed shampoo.  I will use my own hypoallergenic products.


Dog grooming contact

Give your dog a treat today! 

You can phone, text or email me to book an appointmentRemember to let me know if you would like me to collect and drop-off your pet.

53 Littlemoor Avenue,
Fairways Estate,
BH11 8TR.

(Call or Text via Mobile)

01202 831466

07913 912704